Thumbnail Print Design: Advertisement for Bostik Blu Tack to promote it's long lasting adhesion
Web Design: Musician Media Empire -
Thumbnail Logo Design: Hydro-Drive, an exterior cleaning company
Thumbnail Print Design: Advertisement for the new colour range of Quinny strollers
Web Design for a fashion brand
Thumbnail Digital Design: Tesco online banner advertisement for new game releases
Thumbnail Logo Design: An L.E.D lighting company
Thumbnail Print Design: Advertisement for HP original inks vs cheaper refills
Thumbnail Chimey' responds to the movement of people by playing different notes depending on the environment
Thumbnail Photography: Shot of my nephew taken for a furniture brand
Thumbnail Print Design: A set of images created for use on envelopes, letterheads and compliment slips
Thumbnail Photography: Room shots taken for Holtwhites Hotel brochure
Thumbnail Logo Design: This was designed for a secure delivery service
Thumbnail Concept Logo Design: A series of initial sketches for my previous pod-design brand
Thumbnail Logo Design: An Audit&Risk recruitment agency brand identity
Thumbnail Print Design: Leaflet created for Hydro-Drive's Christmas promotion
Thumbnail Logo Design: A book review company who rely on customers to join together and discuss their favourite novels
Interaction Design: Rendering of the instrument's aesthetics